Nebadon (work begun 400 billion years ago[1]) is the local universe in which Urantia is located.[2] It consists of 100 constellations and is number 84 in the sector of Ensa. Its capital is Salvington.

From Jerusem to Uversa is about 200,000 light years.[3] From Nebadon's far edge to Uversa is 250,000 light years.[4]

There are about 10 million inhabitable planets in Nebadon, 3,840,101 of which are inhabited. Antares is its largest star.[5] Its oldest inhabited planets are 200 billion years old.[6] 90% of the worlds in it are Adjuster-fusion types.[7]

Creation & GovernanceEdit

It was created by and is ruled by Michael.[8] Gabriel is its chief executive.[9]


Nebadon has suffered 3 rebellions by System Sovereigns:

  1. The rebellion by Lutentia. (119:2.1-2)
  2. The rebellion in system 87 of constellation 61. (119:3.1,3)
  3. The Lucifer rebellion.

It has lost more Lanonandeks to rebellion than any local universe in Orvonton, except Henselon.[10]

Nebadon TimeEdit

The standard Nebadon day is equal to 18 days and 6 hours of Urantia time, plus 2½ minutes. The Nebadon year is about 5 years of Urantia time. Nebadon time is the standard for all constellations and systems.


The language of Nebadon has 48 symbols in its alphabet.[11] It was mastered before leaving the 4th mansonia.[12] Examples of names from this language include "Andon" and "Fonta."[13]

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