Divinity is the characteristic, unifying, and co-ordinating quality of Deity.[1]

It is creature comprehensible as truth, beauty, and goodness; correlated in personality as love, mercy, and ministry; disclosed on impersonal levels as justice, power, and sovereignty.[2]

Divinity may be:[3]

  1. Perfect—complete—as on existential and creator levels of Paradise perfection;
  2. Imperfect, as on experiential and creature levels of time-space evolution;
  3. Relative, neither perfect nor imperfect, as on certain Havona levels of existential-experiential relationships.

When we attempt to conceive of perfection in all phases and forms of relativity, we encounter seven conceivable types:[4]

  1. Absolute perfection in all aspects.
  2. Absolute perfection in some phases and relative perfection in all other aspects.
  3. Absolute, relative, and imperfect aspects in varied association.
  4. Absolute perfection in some respects, imperfection in others.
  5. Absolute perfection in no direction, relative perfection in all manifestations.
  6. Absolute perfection in no phase, relative in some, imperfect in others.
  7. Absolute perfection in no attribute, imperfection in all.


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