Deity is personalizable as God, is prepersonal and superpersonal in ways not altogether comprehensible by man. Deity is characterized by the quality of unity—actual or potential—on all supernatural levels of reality; and this unifying quality is best comprehended by creatures as divinity.[1]

Deity functions on personal, prepersonal, and superpersonal levels. Total Deity is functional on the following seven levels:[2]

  1. Static - self-contained and self-existent Deity.[3]
  2. Potential - self-willed and self-purposive Deity.[4]
  3. Associative - self-personalized and divinely fraternal Deity.[5]
  4. Creative - self-distributive and divinely revealed Deity.[6]
  5. Evolutional - self-expansive and creature-identified Deity.[7]
  6. Supreme - self-experiential and creature-Creator-unifying Deity. Deity functioning on the first creature-identificational level as time-space overcontrollers of the grand universe, sometimes designated the Supremacy of Deity.[8]
  7. Ultimate - self-projected and time-space-transcending Deity. Deity omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Deity functioning on the second level of unifying divinity expression as effective overcontrollers and absonite upholders of the master universe. As compared with the ministry of the Deities to the grand universe, this absonite function in the master universe is tantamount to universal overcontrol and supersustenance, sometimes called the Ultimacy of Deity.[9]


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